Welcome To Arkcity Link Foundation Website.

We are happy to have you visit our website. Here, you will find out more about who we are at Arkcity Link Foundation, what we do, and how you can partner with us to help shape the lives and destinies of young people in a developing community in Ghana.

We are a Winneba based registered  non- profit Organisation in the Central  Region of Ghana, offering  Information and Communication Technology (ICT) hands on practical computer training to children and young people.

Our Vision

Equipping a generation to embrace and thrive in a dynamically changing infotec world.

Our Mission

Youth Empowerment through Computer Training and Education.

What We Do

We prepare our students for the society of tomorrow by making them adaptable and proficient users of ICT, in tune with future changes in technology.

Our Focus Group

Reaching out with hope and empowerment to disadvantaged youth.

Meet Our Team

The Foundation has a seven member Board of Directors  who assist in the management of the Foundation.

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Where We Are

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Partner With Us

As noble as our vision is, we know we can’t achieve it without help from sponsors that can contribute different resources towards the vision. Please contact us to find out how you can partner with us.

Step Into The Future

The whole world is changing. Don’t be left behind!

With the advent of “New Media” and the proliferation of social media platforms, communication as we used to know it has completely changed, necessitating the need for retraining and equipping, to be able to engage effectively with the emerging landscape.

At Arkcity Link Foundation, we offer you the gateway into this new reality, with our catrefully structured courses, that are designed to equip our students with the necessary tools to begin this journey into the future!

Learn by Doing

We believe that there is no better way to learn than by doing!

At Arkcity Link Foundation, we not only provide you with the building blocks for learning about ICT, but also the practical opportunities to actually use the tools that you will eventually engage with in the real world!

Maximise your potential

We encourage and empower our students to take the limits off what they can hope to accomplish with their lives!

One of the characteristics of the Arkcity Training Centre is that of its friendly and cordial atmosphere, devoid of stress and intimidation. This provides the best environment to learn and nurture potential, ensuring that children in communities receive quality education through the use of ICT to become independent and useful to their society.

Achieve your goals

We teach and equip, and we create awareness to stimulate interest and inspire success.

We not only inspire our students to dream about a better future for themselves, but we also position them through our training, with the tresources that are necessary to  achieve their goals!

Inter-School Competitions

We organize an ICT Quiz competition for Junior High School and ICT Spelling Bee Competition (Terminologies and Acronyms) for Primary Schools every third month.

Training Programmes

We facilitate both free and premium (paid) training programmes that can benefit both individuals and groups or institutions. Please contact us to find out more about our current or upcoming events.

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