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Who We Are.

Arkcity Link Foundation has been set up to equip and empower children and young people from different backgrounds in the community and beyond in ICT education making them capable, creative and confident in an increasing innovative and competitive world.

The Foundation commenced its activities with a start-up capital from our mother company ‘Winneba Information and Communication Centre’ (WINFOTECH).

This is to help us become financially independent as we seek to develop our own sources of funding to facilitate our operations.

Our Vision

Equipping a generation to embrace and thrive in a dynamically changing infotec world.

Our Vision is to build a computer literate society in Winneba and beyond, and to inspire people to use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to make positive difference in their lives, in their communities and Ghana at large.  

Our Mission

Youth Empowerment through Computer Training and Education

Our mission is to help improve the quality of life of young people through creative educational programs that enliven minds and empower communities to change their lives through the effective use of Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Education is in Our DNA


  1. we aim to prepare the learners for the society of tomorrow by making them adaptable users of ICT who have the necessary openness and flexibility of mind to be able to adjust to future changes in technology.
  2. To empower ICT underserved youth, by ensuring sufficient access for those learners who have little out-of- school Opportunities to use the technology.
  3. To help the youth become cultured citizens of the modern world by facilitating the discovery and appreciation of the cultural heritage of various countries around the world
  4. To assist the children and the youth to develop the appropriate personal skills that are essential for independent learning based around ICT; and,
  5. To assist the youth to develop their potential to their fullest by facilitating the acquisition of knowledge; by helping the learner concentrate on higher order Cognitive tasks rather than on lower order routine tasks and by possibly affecting the attitude of the child towards further learning.

Our Target Group

Reaching out with hope and empowerment to disadvantaged youth

Our main targets are young people in all areas of endeavor that is; school pupils, primary, JHS and SHS students. Young people who have dropped out of school (school dropout), Vocational Workers from deprived areas. However, our doors are open to all children and young adults from all walks of life who want to pursue their lives’ ambition through ICT.

Where We Are.


The Foundation is strategically located near the Central Campus of the University of Education, Winneba; opposite the main lorry station thus it is easily accessible.

The operational site for the project is in Winneba township; the capital of Effutu Municipality. 

Winneba is an old historic fishing port, located 65km West of Accra, the capital of Ghana, a fishing town with a population of around 450,000 people.

Winneba boasts of the University of Education which is charged with the responsibility of teacher education and producing professional educators.

Records show that the Central Region with all its multi schools and universities have high rate of school drop outs, high poverty levels, high unemployment rate and deficiency in ICT proficiency.

Phone Number
+233 332 302 09 77

AE43/8 New Market Street,

Winneba, Central Region



Leadership Team

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Join the Revolution


Arkcity Link Foundation has tried to accomplish the set vision over the years, through the generous support of benevolent sponsors, who have partnered with us in making the different projects and initiatives that we have offered to our beneficiaries possible.

It is our hope to be able to further expand the projects and extend the scope of our services in order to reach even more potential beneficiaries, like the school dropouts, who are in dire need of an operational centre to facilitate their rehabilitation.

We will be grateful for your financial and material support in aid of our work and will be happy to provide you with further details of the needs of the Foundation, if you will Kindly contact us using the link below.

We thank you in anticipation of your generous support.


  • Africa ICT Right which is a registered youth led NGO in Accra, Ghana who share in our vision.
  • Multi-pro Private Limited (Indomie)
  • Millicom Ghana Limited (TIGO)
  • Methodist Central Hall Church, Westminster, England

The Foundation has also been in collaboration with the following organisations:

  • Local Education Municipal office, Winneba
  • ICT Department, University of Education, Winneba.

We envisage partnership with your outfit to help us reach and improve the lives the youth.

Free Courses

From time to time, we organise free ICT courses to give students taster sessions of the learning resources that are available for them. Please contact us for more details.

Premium Courses

We also have tailor made premium courses that we can design to meet specific needs of groups or schools that want to have a structured learning module.

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